Innovatec is a consulting company providing expertise and services for streamlining and automating business processes. We specialize in making business knowledge workers more efficient in their tasks by simplifying and improving processes.

Efficient solutions for the Knowledge worker is realized by leveraging the customer's established systems and solutions as information sources in combination with service-oriented technology and rule-based services.
Our services range from basic analysis of potential efficiency / automation benefits to the development and implementation of complete solutions.

Innovatec is IBM Business Partner. We are certified on the IBM Business Process Manager and Websphere Operational Desicion Management (formerly ILOG).

Process Improvement
Innovatec has developed a process improving model, that quantifies the streamlining potential for a company’s business processes.

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Rule Systems
The service includes expertise within evaluation and implementation of rule systems, which is a link in the streamlining and automation of the costumer’s business processes.

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System Development
Innovatec delivers expertise and resources to development projects in both private and public sectors.

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PLCS Data Exchange
Providing effective solutions for the exchange of product lifecycle data in the defense and security industry.

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